Come explore the beautiful trails in the Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine. 
Join us on Facebook and share some of your experiences and photo's. There is a new loop trail called the Moose Loop.  It takes you through 7 Towns and is approximately 140 miles.  To to for more information.

Trails expected to open May 25th through OCTOBER 31st.

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In the summer of 2010 the Camp-2 Trail Riders worked to get approval from the State of  Maine to open Main St. in Rangeley.  It was a great success and is back again this year.  You Can now drive your ATV's down Main St. to access any of the businesses from Depot St. to Moose Alley (formerly The Club House). 

Please obey the rules below so we can continue to have this privilege in the future!

The only AUTHORIZED "PARK AND RIDE" Locations are Depot St. and REV-IT-UP Sports Shop(Yamaha Dealer).


Use of access trail is allowed from 7 am until 1/2 hr. before sunset.

ATV speed limit on paved roads is 20 MPH.

Always ride with the normal flow of traffic.  Do Not ride on the side of the road.

No ATV is allowed to park on Main St.

Businesses that allow ATV parking will have signs with a blue
"P" designating where to park in their lot.(See photo's below for business)

There are maps, ATV Rules and State Rules regarding children at the Depot St. area and Boss Power Equipment.
CAMP-2 TRAIL:  This is a very scenic and beautiful trail, very wooded and you will see the backside Saddleback Mountain.  There is a lookout with awesome views of  "ONION VALLEY".  There is a place where the old warming hut used to be with a picnic table for having lunch.  You are likely to see wildlife on this trail.  There is also two ponds along the trail for viewing or fishing.  Check state laws for fishing regulations on these ponds.  The two ponds are names "MOOSE AND DEER" ponds.  They are close together.  The trail length is approximately 12 Miles.

TOWN TRAIL:  This trail will take you to the town of Rangeley.  Main St. is open to get to the services(food, lodging and Gas).  The trail is approximately 10 Miles Long.

FLAG DAM TRAIL:  This is part of the trail to STRATTON.  It goes from FLAG DAM to the DEAD RIVERl.  The trail is approximately 15 Miles in length. 

STRATTON TRAIL:  This trail will take you all the way to STRATTON.  It's the longest leg of the trip to STRATTON.  It comes out behind the IRVING STATION.  There is food, lodging, gas and convenience stores.  The trail is approximately 30 Miles one way.

OTHER TRAIL INFORMATION:  The ATV Club has received LANDOWNER PERMISSION for all the above trails and the club works very hard to keep these permissions.  PLEASE obey the landowners requests and stay on the marked trails.  The trails open on or around June 1st and close on OCTOBER 31st.  Please don't leave any trash on the trails.  There are signs that give you information please read and respect the trails.  

Thank you!

Camp-2 Trail Riders
Local trail was redirected at the request of the land owner.  This trail is a multi purpose trail for ATV and snowmobiles.  Mike Ferguson volunteered his time to ditch and build this part of the trail.  The ATV club is in need of some volunteers to help out on trail cutting and maintenance next Saturday, July 23rd at 8 am meeting at Rev-It-Up Sports shop in Sandy River Plantation just south of Rangeley.  This is how we are able to make the trails more enjoyable for everyone.
These photo's show us cutting open a new trail in the spring of 2010.  The South Loop Trail.  This trail has some interesting terrain to challenge your driving skills.
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